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What is Fludded?

Fludded is a online hub form people wanting to work in TV, for those curious to hear the insiders view of the shows we make and the industry we work in.

It’s founded by freelance self-shooting Producer & Director, Craig Duncan.

I’ve worked in TV for 20+ years and am as switched on and passionate now about every aspect of video and media since I built my first PC in 1998. I’m a huge fan of streaming and streamers and the future of media and the Tv and film sectors - and I’m enthusiastically excited about sharing what we know with the next hotshots in the industry - who ‘think they know everything but don’t know nuthin’. - Craig Duncan, PGDip Film & TV

Are you a freelancer who wants to find a space where we can talk with others about new things happening in the film and TV industry - not just from a tech point of view but from ‘doing-the-job’ point-of-view?

Whether you're a seasoned industry insider or a casual media junkie, we've got you covered with fresh, unique takes on the latest happenings in the UK and US and beyond. From behind-the-scenes gossip to up-and-coming talent, we've got the inside scoop on everything that's worth knowing.

So grab a cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage, kick back, and get ready to dive into the wild world of media with us. Let's make some headlines!

I’m New To The TV/Film Industry…

Is This For Me?

Yes. People want to share what they know and if you are just starting out in the tv or film industry there will be videos and podcasts about how to be a self-shooting PD or how to start as a runner and work your way up to exec producer. It all depends on what you want to do. Not sure? Sign up and see what takes you fancy!

Who is Craig Duncan?

Me on location. The Very Large Array (VLA) (used for the film Contact) in 2011.

Hi! I’m Craig. I’m a freelance self-shooting producer and director! I mainly only take on travel based freelance work shooting for long periods away from home. I love what I do. My background is journalism and I am a post grad diploma in film and TV production. I also trained as a recording studio sound engineer at George Martin Air Studios in London before taking on a 2 year traineeship at the BBC in the 90’s. In the 2000’s I was multi-cam directing 15 camera LIVE OB’s for BBC 1 and completed 2 series of a science and tech show with Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker.

I’ve made 6 x 1hr documentaries for Discovery and filmed in just about every country I can’t think of. In recent years I’ve enjoyed OBs doc work and some factual entertainment (you know - property shows, antiques, police and emergency stuff) and still haven’t tired of the job yet.

However, we are seeing remarkable changes happening in the industry and new people coming through and old skills being lost. I want to talk about it and also my larger hobby is contemplating the future of TV - including self-broadcasting (Twitch, TikTok, YouTube) and mainstream television & film.

So from the latest Disney Marvel film to last night Gogglebox - I love talking about them all… but from an insiders point-of-view.

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Craig @ Fludded
I make docs for Channel 4, Discovery, BBC or anyone who hires me. Film, TV & media commentary via https://t.co/CiSulFRUzE